Work life

It has been so long I did not post anything.

Well life goes on.

I officially left Lafarge on 31 Dec 2016 and then I have change job twice in 2017.  Why? There is a reason, but here are the point, in the battlefield, you fight until your last blood drop or some time it is good to quit and start the new strategy.

Without any plan, I then quit from my job of MAHB on 16 October 2017. I then become a full-time housewife for 1 and half month before I comeback to the battlefield on 5 December 2017.

Thank you to my parents, siblings and family for the prayers and thank you Allah for these expensive experiences


Breakfast with CEO

First of all, I would like to thanks to my boss for giving me this opportunity. Yes, only selected employees..

So on the day, I was 30 minutes late… oh dear, I am so dead…. but then being a CEO he said, no worry it just a casual chat..

We then  talked about his career, we asked him a few questions, but when they talk about cement thinggy in depth, I like errrrr “I am lost” hahahhaha

One thing he said that I bring back is “transform complaints into actions”

Cost Cutting

On the way back home today, my boss called my mobile, before I answer her, I glanced my dashboard clock and it shown 830pm… errmmmm this might be very urgent call.  Yes, I am right, she is asking me to plan how to further slash my headcount and when? Oh dear, at first I am a little bit upset but then I realized, if it’s going to happen to me then I know Allah swt plan is the best…. 


We went to my parents house last week, and decided to throw an early birthday bash to mom… unfortunately, I am not feeling well, thus I asked my daughter, suraya to bake the cheesecake.. She disobey a few do and don’t steps and the cake dropped in the middle but I told her, it’s OK we can cover with the blueberry topping…

Then it’s time for the cake cutting.. mom said, “this is ugly cake, why no strawberries and no decoration?”…. we like errrrrrrr. Anyway, she enjoyed the cake very much and same goes to us… 

Morale of the story, no hard feelings if it comes from the elderly… they just being so honest..  hahaaha


So, both of us wefie today and I updated the photo in my insta and fb… wow!!! The responses were as expected… 

Later during dinner, he asked me, “Chek, how do you feel being a mom to a handsome son like me?”, I like errrrr, “Well, I will be a proud mom if my son is success both now and after, solat 5 times, always read Quran and so on….” He gaves me a little smile away….



Hey, I have been promoted recently.  Never in my life have I dreamed that I can achieve as this high, but “Syukur, Alhamdulillah”.    No pain no gain and I would like to thanks my boss and ex-bosses for the faith and opportunity given throughout my career, my dearest BFF (J&R) for the never ending support, my team previous and current, all my friends, my family members  and special thanks to my parents, husband, children for the encouragement and always believing in me.

Am I working hard? No, but how am I doing it? Ok, I will share next time.


Back To School Shopping



I am taking annual leave yesterday just to bring my kids for back to school shopping.  Oh! Dear, I have to admit that the backs to school stuff nowadays are pretty expensive.

Ok, kids make sure you study hard and ensure that money spent is worth.


Source photo: Google